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Ferret Momma
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May 27, 2001
    I did not release my scores the day of the test this past April si I submmitted an ASR to send my scores to AACOMAS. According the MCAT online status check it was sent and processed June 25th. AACOMAS still does not have them. Did any one else have this problem??:mad:

    jd star

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    Apr 30, 2002
    fort lauderdale, fl
      i've been having the same problem.... i've been calling everywhere to see if my scores were sent out after i read the fine print and realized that i didn't originally send my MCAT scores to AACOMAS. hopefully everything is okay... they told me last week that the scores were sent to AACOMAS but i haven't been able to call again or check the website to see if they are up or not.

      grrrr... and i wish i would have known it would take this long. it's the only thing holding up my application. and i could have saved the $10 for something more worthwhile.

      oh well. i'll let you know if i hear anything. good luck to you :)

      Forensic Chick

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      Jan 30, 2002
      1. Pre-Medical
        Hey guys,

        I mailed in the ASR form, because I didn't release my MCAT scores to DO schools on test day, in the beginning of June. I called and called trying to find out if they had received my request or if it had been processed. After the endless transfers between people, I found out that no one has any idea what they're doing there. Four days ago, I received an email saying that my request was processed and my MCAT scores were released. So, $10 and countless hours on the phone (long distance) finally paid off... I now hear that they have a release online, but I have no idea if that would go any quicker or not. Just know that it will eventually get processed...

        Good luck!


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        Jun 7, 2002
        New Jersey
          i sent in my ASR online last night and got the confirmation email today saying that they had been sent to AACOMAS. That doesn't necessarily mean AACOMAS got them, but at least they were sent. Online is definitely the way to go for these things....I just wish I'd remembered to send the scores on test day.... oh well

          Good Luck!
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