Assuming only good USMLE scores, do I stand any chance?

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    Hello, I'm an international medical student, trying to find out just how likely my dream of doing Neurology residency in the US is.

    The whole process is still a few years away, but I want to be prepared and to know what my options/chances are. My college is on the IMED list, but is not recognized by the MBC, so I guess that'd rule out any kind of residency program in California. I currently have a green card (could have gotten dual citizenship before I was 18, but my parent's weren't really interested in starting the whole process). So, considering that, I think that I could do the USMLEs.

    I feel fairly confident that if I study hard enough, I can get decent grades on the tests; however, I have basically no research experience. I have read that many applicants (if not all) have some papers under their names, so that is kind of worrying. I think I could get letters of recommendation by some professors/physicians in my country, but considering that my university isn't exactly prestigious, would they be worth anything over there? I don't feel there's anything extraordinary about me.

    Perhaps I could apply for a less competitive speciality, but Neurology really fascinates me. Or perhaps this isn't a likely dream, in which case doing medicine in my country would still be nice. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances?

    Thank you, and I hope that my English isn't half bad. :p
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