Attention PACIFIC students

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May 21, 2006
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Hi all you Pacific students,
I am a 28 y/o married dental student from colorado. I am going to be doing an OS externship at the Highland hospital from August 6th to the 19th. I am having a very hard time finding affordable housing anywhere in the oakland/eastbay area. If you have an extra room or even a couch I could crash on for a couple weeks I would really appreciate it. I only need a place to sleep and shower. I will be eating at the hospital. I cant afford a hotel, If this sounds like it might work please email me back. I am a family man, and I am very quiet and very respectful. I know that the highland hospital is kind of far from where you guys go to school, but if you live near the hospital or in that direction I really need a place to stay. Please email me or post if you are interested. thank you for your time, ABE MILLER

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