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AUC vs St George vs DO



    anyone can give me opinions about if I have these choices, which one would you choose?

    option 1: St George vs any DO school
    option 2: AUC vs DO school
    option 3: AUC vs Ross vs St George vs SABA
    option 4: one year masters degree at Barry university or some other one year program to strength my GPA and apply to US MD schools again.

    my stats are 3.4 and 27 MCAT. applied twice to MD schools and got waitlisted both times. I'm really frustrated and one more year of wait would be suffering.

    I heard about 40 to 50% or US citizen foreign grads obtained residencies succssfully through match and St george and AUC might be a little higher.

    Anyones help would be greatly appreciated.


    10+ Year Member
    15+ Year Member
    Mar 16, 2001
      man, I am in Barry U Master of Biomed science program, graduatin this semester. Got 4.0 in the program, 28 on the MCAT, applied to 16 US M.D.s 4 D.O.s. So far 12 M.D. rejection, 1 D.O. rejection, 1 interview from Nova. All i know is Barry U MBS graduates are most likely to end up at ither D.O. schools or carribean M.D. unless you're an underrepesented minoeities (a lot of underrepresented Barry BMS graduates DO get accepted to US M.D. schools). As far as D.O. or carribean M.D., if you're gonna practice in the Miami area, D.O. all the way but if you're gonna practice in the boonedawgs where nobody ever heard of D.O. then an M.D. degree (from whereever as long as you're licenced to practice) is probably more beneficial. Good Luck!
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