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Sep 25, 2001
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Has anyone used any of he CD/tape USMLE I study guides? I got an ad for Gold Standard board prep tapes and they sound like a great idea- I spend a lot of time going to/from school- but I'm leery of making an expensive and non-returnable purchase. Have you heard of Gold Standard or any other company that's good?


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Apr 30, 2002
El Paso, TX
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I bought the Gold Standard Board prep tapes. I've listened to some of them, but really haven't had the discipline to keep up with them.

There are around 55 tapes or so, and the ones I've heard are pretty good- just time consuming. If you do a lot of driving or other stuff where you could listen to the tapes, it's a pretty good set.

It just hasn't been worth it to me because I probably won't get around to listening to most of it.
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