Audiologist Salary in Canada

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Apr 21, 2011
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Ok, looking at some of the US Audiology salary threads has got me a bit worried. I know salaries are different depending on the states but are they that low in some states? Alright, on topic now, how are the audiologist salaries in Canada? According to UBC audiology, average pay is $77000. And according to Alberta stats, starting median is $33/hour and the average median is $45/hour which doesn't sound too bad. But when, I look at the US stats: , the salaries aren't as bad as most are reporting. Thoughts? And how accurate are the stats? Would UBC lie to attract more people to their program? :oops:

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I'm curious about this too in regards to the US salaries. Everything I see online says the range is between 60-90k in my area with the median and average being in the mid 70's. Are those sources inaccurate? I keep seeing people on this site quote things as low as 30-50k....where are all these numbers coming from?
Hi! I am Canadian and I've also been very confused from reading the discussions on this site. I'm quite certain audiologists in Canada make about $80,000. Starting out maybe around low 70's. From the research I have done audiology is a great choice compared to other health professionals such as social work, nursing, speech, etc, because it is relatively low stress, rewarding, and great pay. I have shadowed and talked to a lot of audiologist and audiology students and have heard nothing but good things!