Audiology Programs

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Apr 30, 2009
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Is there a database of all the U.S. Audiology programs, similar to how there is the MSAR for medical schools? All I have to research schools off of is the US News ranking!

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The Academy of Doctors of Audiology provides a list of all the programs in the U.S., and ASHA's EdFind also has a searchable database that lets you enter your preferences for the programs. Take the U.S. News Rankings for what they're worth...Through my research I've found that pretty much all audiology programs have the same curriculum. Your research interests/specializations and the location of the school probably makes the most difference.

Good luck! rankings are helpful, but they should always be taken with a grain of salt (especially in such a small field).

This is also true of any 'program review' website. Although I found 'rate my school' helpful as an element of my decision-making process, I certainly didn't put as much weight on that as I did my systematic review of faculty interests and specialties.

Anyway, that ASHA EdFind search tool is incredible. Highly-recommended!