Audition rotations after 4th year?


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Nov 17, 2003
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Is it possible to do away rotations as an intern (during your vacation) or after internship? Would there be coverage for liability? I feel like I made a mistake in not doing EM, and I have a transitional year coming up. I was planning on re-entering the match, but I wanted to do a couple of away rotations at the programs I am most enamored with to prove my mettle...since I will be applying in a non-traditional way.

Anyone heard of anyone doing this? Or is 4th year the last year to do auditions?

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Feb 9, 2004
I have a friend who didn't match last year and did a transitional year. He tried to rotate at a place b/t graduation and start of internship but the school wouldn't cover him for malpractice. During internship though, he was able to do 2.5 months of electives at 3 different hospitals and got 15+ interview offers. He'll do fine and I'm sure you will, too.

If you were a true glutton for punishment you might be able to "hang out" at an ER and see patients, but IMHO that's insane.

try to set up an elective at your Heart's Desire through your internship hospital and then blow them away when you get there
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