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Jan 28, 2012
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    Fellow students,

    I am currently a third year DO medical student with a future interest in cardiology. For my audition rotations, I am aiming for programs with cardiology fellowship. We only have 4 audition rotations and I want to use them wisely.

    While I am on my rotation, do I let the program know I am interested in cardiology ( just so i can get a feel of what their program entails and may be rotate with cardiology for a week at the site while I am doing my audition rotation or would you advise against this)

    I am also wondering if you can suggest some IM AOA programs based on experience.

    I was looking at the following programs and any insight about their IM residency and fellowship will be appreciated.

    -PCOM/Deborah Heart & Lung Center - Cardiology Fellowship
    Browns Mills

    -RowanSOM/OPTI/Kennedy Univ Hosp/Our Lady of Lourdes - Cardiology Fellowship

    -LECOMT/Wright Center for GME - Cardiology Fellowship

    -LECOMT/Arnot Ogden Medical Center - Cardiology Fellowship
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