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Average Science GPA????


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Apr 13, 2008
  1. Optometry Student
    On the website it says the overall GPA's of different schools


    What are the science GPA though? Do they look at all science? Only pre-req science? or overall GPA b/c that's what they post?

    Thanks a lot everyone!

    Most schools will look at a pre-req GPA carefully. At SCCO, there is a form where you fill in the pre-reqs and your grades for each.

    Pre Opt Student

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    10+ Year Member
    Apr 2, 2008
    1. Pre-Optometry
      Yeah...from what I've been noticing from the applications..most schools get you to fill in your pre-req marks and calculate your GPA for it. So they look at those pre-req courses carefully definately. And I think on top of that they look at overall GPA. So I think its mostly pre-req and then overall..but it might vary depending on the school.


      New Member
      10+ Year Member
      Mar 3, 2008
      1. Pre-Optometry
        How Low Can Your Gpa Be In Order For You To Get Into Any Opt School Across The Country??

        And How Much Community/voluntary Service Is Required Or How Much Looks Good??

        Cuz I Havent Done Any And My Gpa Isnt That Great So I Need Something To Help Me Get Into Opt School Fall Of 2009 .... Im Soo Confused As To What To Do Please Help!!!!!

        Im Really Scared.
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