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    I already posted this thread in "Clinical Rotations thread" but i am not getting lots of advice. I figured residents who train at Duke who who have been there could know more.

    I love IM, though i still have issues with its long-rounding, but i think i'm gonna get over it very soon. I wanna do an away rotation in DUKE. I have an uncle who works there and really wants me to come.
    Does anybody know anything about awaY ratations in duke for visiting students-
    1)How freindly they are?
    2)Living in Durham?
    4)Who is accepted and Rejected?
    5) Any other good/bad information about the school or things i should know before making this consideration.....
    6)Why they did not fill 10 spots last year
    Any input will be deeply appreciated:)
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    I did an away rotation there not too long ago and I found everyone extremely friendly. Maybe I just got lucky but the residents I worked with and the fellow students were extremely easy going and quite candid about their program. The PD even offered to meet with me to discuss their program and my competitiveness for a spot. I don't have too much advice on housing as I lived with someone I knew, but they had an away rotations coordinator who was pretty helpful and I vaguely recall receiving information about possible housing if I was interested. I got the impression they accepted nearly everyone for electives unless you have a red flag on your application. I think I had to pay some tuition though. I honestly have no idea why they didn't fill their spots. The one thing that did surprise me during interview season last year was I met quite a few people who were excellent candidates who did not receive an interview there but did get an interview at Hopkins...that didn't seem quite to add up to me at the time but then after I found out they didn't fill--I thought that it likely hurt them that they didn't interview more people. I also get the feeling that less and less people are willing to do overnight call. I actually preferred it at the time coming from my school where night float is far from perfect and I frequently would go home near midnight, but after interviewing at Wash U, it seemed like they had the friendliest (of the places I looked at) of the more competitive programs and actually had a night float system that works--so I think whether overnight or night float is best depends a lot on the program...hope this helps

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