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Apr 11, 2011
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Hey guys, just wanted some feedback on applying to away rotations. I am far from your average rad onc applicant, have average national step 1 score, some research experience, a little above average M1-M3 grades and some volunteer experience. But I am really interested in RadOnc and willing to try my hardest to land a spot (I can live with trying than not). I would like to know if there are any programs that are very receptive to rotators, location or ranking is not an issue. Other advice and recommendations are welcome too. Thanks


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Mar 14, 2002
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My experience is that any program was receptive to rotators, it was just a matter of if your schedule fit their schedule and whether or not the dates you wanted were already full. Unfortunately, one of my rotation sites didn't give me an interview (despite a fantastic eval and LOR), and the other it turned out I didn't want to be at that program.

I'd do your research on here about the programs you're thinking about and take the advice seriously. The funny thing was, the program that didn't give me an interview has been mentioned on SDN a few times before for not granting interviews to people who rotate there. The program I didn't like gets a bad reputation in the program reviews section. I thought... Well why don't I see for myself. Why should I believe everything said on SDN. I wasted my time.

It sounds to me like you should find some lower to mid tier programs in your geographic area and get involved with rad onc research as much as possible. A high early step 2 score and more honors rotation performance would help.