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Jun 12, 2002
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HI guys - good luck on interviews.

FYI about the clothing (everyone has their own opinion, but...) Arizona is REALLY laid back about clothing. Seriously. (I have lived here all my life (save 3 years in LA for college). )

WE can always tell which type of students are interviewing based on what they wear: DO applicants are the least conservative (may find a few greys or purples in their with the navies and blacks), then Pharm, and finally PA.

Of course wear something nice, but at a school where the head of anatomy often comes to lecture in shorts and the Assistant Dean of Students is also often seen in denim shorts, I wouldnt stress about it too much. This is a laid back school.

Good luck again!
kristin, MSII AZCOM


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Aug 9, 2002
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Dang! I already rented my tux. D'oh!

Thanks for the info, it is all pretty helpful.


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May 27, 2000
Reno, NV
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They stopped you after your first two people?? I hope that I'm not being too curious, but did your people offend them or somwthing? I've been told by many that AZCOM "loves" this question. The heat shouldn't be a problem as I am from Las Vegas. I am afraid of being too nervous. I am thinking about all sorts of "interview type" questions and topics, and I feel I have some really good insights/thoughts...I just pray that I don't have a massive BRAIN FART in the interview. As for dress I am thinking about gray slacks witha black or navy sports coat. I might go with the white shirt, but I am gonna try some colors and see how they look. (ahhh I soud like my fiance!):eek:
Thanks for all of your help, everbody,...and the best of luck to ya!
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