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May 13, 2001
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Hello all - I am currently writing the essays for the AZCOM secondary and was hoping to get some input from anyone else who is doing the same. I really need to explain some shortcomings in some of my course work, but the essay questions don't really give you that option. For the question "why should we accept you into this year's class?" did you write a succinct explanation, or did you treat it as a personal statement, explaining your qualifications and experiences? Should we be as brief as possible?

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This secondary annoys me. I think it wants all three questions on one page. Therefor a third of page each. But what did you put for "community activities and honors"?
I agree - this secondary is very annoying. I'm not writing all 3 essays on one sheet. That's ludicrous if that's what they expect!

For community activities, I wrote anything community related and not school related. I've done some teaching in public schools so I put that down. I put down my volunteer work in the hospital under both the "medically-related activities"
and "communtity related activities".
The integrity and personal honor essay gives me a big headache. It is so obvious yet so difficult to answer succinctly.