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Nov 18, 2021
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Hi everyone! I am lucky to have gotten 3 As from KCU Joplin, NSU KPCOM Davie, and AZCOM. They all seem like great options for me and I am having a really tough time deciding on one. I feel confident that I can be successful at any of these schools and weather isn’t too much of a factor. I want to match into a competitive surgical residency and do research/ get a few publications while I’m there. I’d love to know why you think one over the other so comments are much appreciated! Any alumni or current students plz feel free to pm me. Here are the pros and cons I’ve come up with:

Pros: Match list is consistently impressive, block tests, P/F with honors and internal ranking

Cons: One building, kinda in the middle of nowhere (although that doesn't bother me too much), not sure about research opportunities

Pros: Beautiful campus with many facilities (gym, library, food court), easy access to research (research dedicated building), block tests

Cons: Expensive, traditional grading, I have heard bad things from people on sdn about board scores and rotation sites, but am not sure how much is true/ still true?

Pros: Solid match rates, beautiful campus, opportunities for research (already in contact with someone there)

Cons: Expensive, traditional grading, test in each class (multiple tests every week, which can be a pro or a con)

EDIT: AZCOM is ~75k per year, NSU is ~65k per year, and KCU is ~50k per year

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Go to KCU. AZCOM has high tuition and I would not recommend Nova. What you have heard has been quite established. There are many problems there.