Dec 4, 2010
So, I have recently switched my major from Business to pursue a career in medicine. After a lot of thought and research put in, I've decided that this is hands down the field for me. Everything about my personallity and likes/dislikes just oozes medicine (no pun intended).

However, I am stuck on one particular question: What major should I get before medical school?

On one hand, I have been considering a major in Nursing for the following reasons:

- With my license, I can get some hands-on experience in the field which would hopefully translate well onto my medical school applications.

- Help cover the initial costs of medical school to delay the inevitable loans.

- Give me some prior experience with medical terminology, anatomy and procedures going into medical school.

The first and third bullets may sound similar, so to clarify the first is just referencing the experience I would have in the medical field so when asked how I KNOW I want to be in this field, I can simply say because I've had X number of years in the field as is. The third is referencing the knowledge gained for the classes and tests I would have in medical school.

Anyway, moving on. The second choice is just a typical biological sciences degree. My thought is a Nuerobiology (I LOVE the brain and the whole system that comes with it).

So, my question is simple, yet complicated: Which one do I do? Which one do you think would be more beneficial for my applications to medical school and/or the experience going into medical school.

I have read this forum for awhile now and I enjoy it thoroughly, so I apologize if this is the wrong place for this question.