baby aspirin with daily nsaid

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Dec 25, 2016
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Just came across a lot DUR for baby aspirin 81 mg daily for heart with nsaids daily. I've been filling them and document counsel pt to take with food. Any other comments on this?

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Consult first fill on stomach pains, ulcers, bleeding signs (black stools) and then over-ride after that. No one is taking NSAIDs around the clock. No biggie.
There are also increased heart risks with NSAIDs, so it may not be the most appropriate therapy for a patient who is a candidate for daily aspirin. And potential for less efficacy of ASA if a reversibly binding COX inhibitor is taken first, so they need to take the aspirin before the NSAID so it has a chance to irreversibly bind COX and doesn’t have to compete for binding sites.
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I agree with radio frequency to a point. I would find out with the doc if the patient is taking ASA for primary prevention or secondary prevention. If it is for secondary prevention I would see if you can get the NSAID switched to something that won't worsen the disease state. If it is for primary prevention, I would make sure the pt knows to take the ASA first and wait a bit before taking the NSAID.
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Aspirin is a type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, people take a small quantity of Aspirin to lessen the risk of heart-attack. Aspirin helps to make the blood less likely to clot. But if you are taking it with some other NSAIDs then you must check the quantities and time interval while taking both in a day.
If it is ever feasible, I would recommend getting UpToDate as a reference, though I realize maybe not as useful in retail.

There is some evidence of competitive inhibition between aspirin and NSAIDs at the COX-1 of platelets. The clinical relevance is uncertain, with what small research has been done as inconsistent in results.

It is recommended to separate aspirin + NSAID administration by at least 2 hours.
For the love of Glob, don’t call low-dose aspirin “baby aspirin.” Please and thank you.

Glob is good. Praise Glob.
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