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Bachelor’s Degree


New Member
Nov 5, 2019
  1. Pre-Podiatry
  2. Podiatry Student
Is a bachelor’s degree really important? Has anyone been accepted without it? I noticed that there is only 90 hours required. So far, I have been offered 2 interviews. I have acknowledged the fact that I won’t complete my bachelor’s degree if accepted via email before being offered the interviews. I have a pretty high GPA and made As in most of my pre-reqs. I have a 3.75 cGPA and a 3.6- sGPA. I am very passionate about podiatry and I don’t see the point in waiting any longer just to complete a bachelor’s degree, I can use my money towards podiatry school and not undergrad. Any advice is also welcomed for approaching my interviews without a bachelor’s degree.
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Full Member
2+ Year Member
Jun 5, 2019
  1. Pre-Podiatry
On AACPM website it says "Over 97% of the students who enter podiatric medical school have a bachelor’s degree." So I guess not everyone gets bachelor's? And you've already gotten interviews so I don't see any issues honestly.
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Full Member
Staff member
Volunteer Staff
5+ Year Member
Jul 17, 2016
Tarsal Tunnel
  1. Resident [Any Field]
The issue will be if for some reason you do not make it out of the Pod program (for whatever reason), then you would have to return to undergrad and finish the bachelor's degree. IMO, Podiatry schools aren't going anywhere....finish your degree..take the MCAT...Shadow....and if this field is still your dream then go for it.

But to answer your original ques...no, you do not need a bachelor's degree, as long as you meet all the aacpmas requirements.

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