Background check before the offer? I need an advice.


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May 20, 2011
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I need an advice. The staffing agency had given the offer to me by text first then by email asking if I am still interested and would want to accept the position. I said yes and waited for the offer letter. They sent me background check documents the next day to fill out. Telling me those take longer to complete and their documents are straightforward (contract + offer letter). Next day I received another email from them asking if I had received the documents and those needs to be filled out soon. Since I did not know the salary I asked when would I be receiving an offer letter. They told me next day or two. Received a call from the second recruiter next day and he told me the salary when I asked. I told him I would like to get the official letter and I received the official offer letter that evening (1 week from the text/email verbal offer) but without housing included as first recruiter said it would. I called the second recruiter next day and informed him housing is not included in the offer. He said he had no knowledge on that. Then I negotiated with him to pay half of the housing and finally down to full housing but now the salary increase is off the table. I had not dealt with any employer who took this long to provide the offer letter previously and also asking for the background check documents to complete before the offer (salary disclosure) is made. Is this normal on-boarding process for government staffing agency?


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Nov 27, 2009
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I dealt with similar shenanigans when they were trying to hire me for a clinical position at the Pearl Harbor base. They didn’t actually submit my background check until everything had been in process for months, and it was expected that the background check could take up to 90 days. I peaced out when they told me that and took another job. Overall it was very disorganized and slow.
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