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Bad Interview?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by Redneck, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Have you had a bad interview at any school? GET OVER IT.

    It doesn't matter what the interviewers do! It's what you do. I've had all sorts of interviews some I excelled and others I botched. Ones where I was grilled, ones I chatted like old buddies, and others where I simply answered questions. Either way the process is the same. YOU as the APPLICANT are still trying to SELL yourself. If your doing your job and talking and revealing as much information about yourself as possible there shouldn't be any pauses. And if there are - fill them in. You shouldn't give a darn if your interviewer is drunk, scratching themselves, flossing, actively lisetening, or stone faced. You came from X distance and spent Y money so make the most of it and start tap dancing on that stage - the time is ticking. The interview isn't some hold your hand stroke your ego session. Seriously people. Don't forget to think, they are people too. They can be fun and cool or grouchy and mean. Or maybe they are just plain tired of listening to the same answers over and over? Or they might not giving any emotional feed back because they just wan to see you for you without trying to guide you in the direction of how to suck up. Don't evaulate schools on the interview - that's just dumb. Evaluate them on everything else.

    And if you think the interview didn't go well, talk with them and even try to schedule another simply send a letter. I'm amazed at how helpful all the admissions people are. Talk with them.

    I need 98 cents in change please. :cool:
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