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Dec 10, 2005
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Hello first I think this is a really interesting forum and I hope to post more as the years to come approach. Here is my first question.

I do not have a standard background to get into a P.A. program and I am wondering if this is going to hurt me. Here's the short version of my background.

I am in the Navy, I am active duty and enlisted. I joined the Navy as an aircraft mechanic, I worked on F-18 hornets for six years, I did very well in that community, and basically I was advanced as fast as possible, and eventually given a once in a military career go anywhere do anything you want choice for orders. I am now a Navy survival/ instructor, I have been so for a little less than two years, and for a year and a half of that, I have been an EMT. The Navy sends certain instructors to EMT school because we tend to have a high number of injuries/near drownings with our students. I've found that I really enjoy the medical field and with certain changes going on in the Navy I will be separating at my nine year mark in the Navy.
I will complete my bachelors degree this coming June (2006) but again it is nowhere near the medical field. My bachelors is From Embry-Riddle University with a major in Proffessional Aeronautics, and dual minors, aviation safety, and management. My GPA is pretty good, currently about a 3.6 and about where I would expect it to be upon my graduation.
After I graduate I plan on taking anatomy and physiology classes at the local community college and applying to several P.A. programs.
I have met people in the medical fields with all types of backgrounds, what are the odds that my military/aviation background will hurt me in the application process? I really have less than two years experience as an EMT, but I enjoy it, and I'm ready for a change, I'm just a little nervous that I may be chasing something that is not possible for me.

Any input is greatly apprciated.


Dave Wilson


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Aug 25, 2001
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with that background you will certainly get in. as a military medic you are the poster child for the pa profession. your gpa is stellar as well so no problems there. I work with a former air force survival instructor who is the best pa I know.
a few references:
www.aapa.org for general info
www.physicianassistant.net for a pa specific forum
www.appap.org for links to optional pa residencies.
best of luck. you will do fine.


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Nov 23, 2001
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I agree with E totally. PA program is designed for applicants like yourself. when you are almost ready to apply---let us know.

not to plug anther site but E listed a PA site that can help ypou
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