Is this good pay for NP?

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Jan 27, 2011
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My wife is a NP student who is graduating this month from her 3-year FNP DNP program. She interviewed for a Urology NP job and really liked the place. Her work will be 13 patients/day 5 days/week. She will be on-call in hospital for 1 week every month taking consults. There are 2 other NPs there currently and they seem to like their job. The reason the hospital is hiring is because they have a backlog of 600+ patients so the 1 Urologist who's there right now has to see patients in clinic, which is wasting his time cause he wants to spend all of his time in the OR and the hospital wants him to spend all of his time in the OR. My wife was offered $125k base salary with $10k production bonus that the other 2 NPs say is very easy to achieve. 5 weeks PTO, not including holidays. Is this a fair offer? We are in Northeast metro.

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