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I'm a non-trad and there is a quesion on the UHS supplemental that asks you to explain what you have been doing since college. I have been out 5 yrs now and working as a software engineer. There is a gap in there where I was not doing any volunteer or community service for about 3-4 yrs. In this time I got engaged, planned a wedding, married, and then built a new home. Do you think it is bad to disclose this information??


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Feb 4, 2000
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I would most certainly include that. Those are things which make you YOU.

I don't see why anyone would hold that against you. When they ask you what you have been doing, what would you tell them? "Applying to medical school"?

Tell them the truth. This is something that you have always wanted and you are willing to make the sacrafice despite the difficulties you will encounter in your personal life.

I, personally, think it's noble that you followed your heart (or mind, or whatever) and are willing to make a career switch. People like you often make the best doctors. You have had a taste of the "real world". You aren't just some 21 year old kid going to medical school to impress the girls and get a job that can buy you a Porsche ( I talking about myself :) ).

Throw it all out there. There are plenty of older, non-trad people in medical school...particularly osteopathic medical schools. Why? Because DO schools look for the people that will make the best doctors, not the best medical students.

Best of luck to you.
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