Balancing ECs and mental health/physical wellness

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Feb 20, 2024
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I was just wondering how everyone deals with missing out on EC opportunities when you choose to prioritize your mental health/physical health instead of going. Context: I was supposed to come into lab today, but my bunion’s been killing me and therefore rendering my foot basically useless as of right now (I don’t have a car and so I usually walk. It isn’t far, I live on campus). I’ve also been at the lab almost every week this spring break and thought I deserved some time of break but feel guilt about it. Any thoughts?

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Keep in mind you're going to be grinding nowadays to get into an MD school. Almost every application I see is qualified; the people who get in are the people who are more competitive than the others. It sucks, but it is what it is.

At the same time, always take care of your health. You won't make it through this process if you don't sleep 7 hours a night, eat 3 meals a day, spend a little time with family, etc.

If you can't walk, surely your PI will understand
There are a few PREview scenarios in the sample tests about this.

I think we can ask questions like we did when we went to grade school: Did you tell your lab you had issues and were going to urgent care?
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