Bates' Guide to Physical Exam Editions Cross-Index???

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by DrSRBS, Jan 14, 2001.

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    May 22, 2000
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    Hey all,

    As one of the people who thought he'd be wise to buy a used copy of a text, I am now the semi-proud owner of a 5th Ed. copy of Bates. I believe the book is now in its 8th Edition. Since this book has got to be a staple for med students nationwide, I wonder if anyone has been kind enough to post a cross-referencing index? If anyone knows of one, please let me know. It should help to know exactly what the 8th Ed. reading assignments I am getting translate to in my copy!

    Many thanks for anyone who can help.

    MSUCOM Class of 2004
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    Nov 17, 1998
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    I am using a 6th edition. All I did was ask a friend (it it wasn't already clear) what the reading assignment was over and then look that up in my book. It was pretty easy and usually I would know by the sylabus what unit we were covering so I could just find those pages in my book. I didn't notice any problems using an older edition other than I had a different style of pictures in my book.


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