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Aug 27, 2017
I am currently an out-of-state MS2 in medical school in PR, and I am battling an alcohol dependency. I did well the first year of med school, all A's and B's even though heavily drinking throughout the year. Now, with the second year starting out I am worried about my performance, or frankly speaking getting my stuff together between classes and preparing for Step exam. This is not something I can control any longer (I have taken some exams drunk or have been heavily drinking the night before), and I can't stop. I can't exercise any self control since the addiction went beyond that. Please, provide any constructive feedback if you can/have been in my shoes.
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Oct 22, 2013
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SDN (and the internet in general) is not an appropriate forum for medical or therapeutic advice. Please use the resources available to you at your school or recommended to you by your health provider. Best of luck.

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