Nov 9, 2013
Medical Student
Has anyone interviewed or rotated here? how is the rotation? how is the program director? If you have low board scores, do they look that over if you perform well on the rotation?

according to their website, there seems to be a diverse group of residents. Looks like a nice mix of MDs, FMGs, and DOs.


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Aug 22, 2007
Attending Physician
What is your background? How low of board scores are we talking? Any other red flags? In general at any program, I'm sure a great audition rotation can be helpful. But certain things can't easily be over come.

I had a positive impression of Baystate from my interview day last year, it seemed like you would get really solid clinical education. Residents were happy. The biggest gripe was about its location. I think their program director has since changed as well. I did not rotate there.
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