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Feb 17, 2014
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All of these classes are under the Psychology Department, but I think some may be considered science courses. I know neuroscience can be BCPM. Any thoughts?

Psychobiology of Fear and Anxiety. (4)

Principles of Behavioral Neuroscience. (4)

Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory. (4)

Biological Bases of Psychiatric Disorders. (4)

Comparative Psychobiology. (4)

Human Neurophysiology. (4)

Cognitive Neuroscience. (4)

Stress and Bodily Disease. (4)

Psychobiology of Sleep and Dreams. (4)

Neurobiology of Visual Cognition. (4)

Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory. (4)

Abnormal Psychology: Biological Bases. (4)

Genetics of Human Cognition and Behavior. (4)
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Feb 21, 2010
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I'd classify them all BCPM based on the course titles.

The worst that can happen is AMCAS reclassifies them.
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Dec 21, 2013
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Man, I am so jealous. Wish I had had course offerings like that.
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