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Mar 26, 2018
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Anyone else dropped their name into registration when the system opened up this past 15th?
My app still pending.

Just need some quick study tips on how to tackle this.
Background: Graduated PGY1 June 2019. Currently in ED/CC Specialist Position.
Got my hands on the "ACCP Updates in Therapeutics 2017 (Pharmacotherapy Review+Recertification Course)".

Seems like alot of nitty gritty info. I know this is about studying smart.
Feel like im highlighting alot and just writing down "1st line, 2nd line .... inclusion/exclusion criteria".

Can anyone speak on the exam (taking it in the last 3yrs) of what to expect?
And please dont refer me to "sEe tHe OuTliNe oN BcPS". Thanks.
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