Jul 11, 2017
Hello folks,

search for a study partner for BCSE, the one who has these criteria can send me a private message

1.who won’t distract me
2. who shares similar study habits with me
4. who can challenge me
5. whose strengths compliment my weaknesses share experiences and resources.(I.e: I'm working in a farm with 6000 feedlots animal so I have hands on practice with infectious diseases, vaccination programs, and control measures.

How does it work?
my partner and I would discuss a lecture, and then quiz each other on it, which I found very helpful to solidify the information, working alongside someone on the same material adds a degree of accountability to your study time that you might not achieve on your own, meet at a frequency that does not overwhelm each other. our meetings should be frequent enough to provide support and keep each other accountable
we might choose to prepare for each session by studying on my own, and then working together to check each other’s understanding of the material.

meeting through skype 2 hours per week (it doesn't matter where you from), I have set a study schedule and our main study sources, also I will share my private notes and scanned papers. the two hours discussion will be 1 hour for discussion main topics we studied through the week and the other hour will be a revision by questions so when we move through chapters we keep all parts in mind by questioning (50% study:50 questions)

If you interested and have the will to start please don't hesitate to contact me.
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