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Apr 26, 2003
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How long do you have to live in Texas and what do you need to be considered an official resident? I have the option of moving to Texas this summer, but I am not sure if I should or not. I plan to apply for the entering class in Fall of 2005.



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Oct 31, 2003
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Basically, you have to be employed in TX for 12 months prior to when you apply and show that you are there to establish residency and not primarily to attend school in the state. Or, you can be classified as a resident on the basis of your parents' residence, if they are still claiming you on their tax forms as a dependent.

Good luck with your decision... it's definitely a great state in which to be an instate applicant...
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Bad Mojo

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Jul 12, 2003
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Originally posted by hilikus
in the first year you CANNOT attend school can go part-time (like me) though

? My roommate just left Texas because he wouldn't be able to get residency without quitting school for a year. He worked fulltime and school part-time for over a year. He said that you couldn't go to school at all during the 12-months of work. I'm not sure though.
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