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Been so long. Advice needed.


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Aug 4, 2017
    Hello everyone.

    I graduated with my B.Sc in biology in 2011. I am out of the loop as to what I need and changes in regards to applying to dental school and any changes to the DAT. Which subjects are on the DAT? I honestly don't know how to begin. Do I start applying and then take the DAT and submit scores when they're available or do things the other way around. Any and all help/tips/advice is greatly appreciated. Kaplan course... recommended? I'm in Florida. Which schools would you recommend and why? Thank you!


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    Dec 5, 2016
    1. Pre-Dental
      Seeing that's it been so long you should check to see if your prerequisites are still viable first. Some schools you have to have taken their prerequisites within a certain time frame of applying. What's your GPA? That will also matter. Generally the Kaplan course is not recommended. Usually recommendations for the DAT consist of Chads videos for chemistry and math content review, cliffs AP bio and feralis notes for biology, DAT Bootcamp for practice tests and pat, and dat destroyer for practice questions. It's hard to recommend schools since you haven't taken the DAT and we don't know your GPA. First step is to check with schools and see if they'd still accept your classes

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      Dec 28, 2014
      1. Dental Student
        i would suggest looking into a post bacc or masters program. since you graduate 6 years ago most of your pre-requisite courses might not be applicable depending on the schools you end up applying to as predent2151 mentioned. before and/or after the program you can take the DAT, get new letters of rec, and shadowing dentists along the way. check out DAT Bootcamp and Ari's study documents/schedule to learn more about the DAT as well as the guide mentioned by feralis
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