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May 21, 2012
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I am just beginning to embark on my studies for the DAT and was wondering what would be the best course of action. My initial reaction was to sign up for a Kaplan DAT classroom course after hearing good reviews from former classmates, for although I am a fairly organized learner, studying for the DAT seems so daunting and new that I want some kind of structured guidance. However, after browsing sdn I have heard that the Kaplan course is mainly surface level, which kind of scares me considering I would be shelling out nearly $1400. My question then lies, would it be better for me to take the course and supplement the classroom homework/tests with other materials such as Chad (ochem/gchem/QR), Cliff Bio, CrackDAT PAT, and DAT Destroyer (Math) OR use a pre-made, 8 week DAT study plan with just the supplemental material and scrap the classroom/save some money? Also if someone has done the classroom + supplemental material plan and you have your schedule please share:) Thank you ahead of time for all your help...this network is AMAZING!!

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May 28, 2011
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I haven't taken the DAT yet. I am planning to do so this summer as well and decided on my materials a few weeks ago. I have a study plan different than the preset 8 week one on here if you want that. Heres my list:

DAT Destroyer
Math Destroyer
Chads videos
Kaplan Blue book
Cliff AP Bio
Alan's notes
Achiever tests
Topscore tests

The total for all of this is arround $750.00. Half the price of the Kaplan course, but provides you with just as much material. Plus the material goes in deeper than the Kaplan course from what others have said.

I wouldn't get the Kaplan course unless you really have trouble studying on your own. If anything I would just get the online Kaplan for some of the resources.


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Jun 12, 2011
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I'm actually taking the class right now and supplementing with other materials as well (i.e. DAT Destroyer, Chad's, AP Cliffs Bio, etc). It's tough balancing everything out but I do think it's helpful, although it is super expensive. Having so many resources keeps you busy so I'm constantly doing DAT practice. My paychecks mostly went to DAT stuff. :-( It's your call! I'm sure you would be fine either way. :))