Best health policy program?

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Feb 5, 2014
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I'm deciding between Columbia MPH in health policy and Hopkins MSPH in health policy.

I was wondering if anyone had any opinions as to which program is better/their strengths?

I am leaning towards Hopkins, since tuition and cost of living is cheaper.


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Do you have a preference on where you'd want to live after you graduate? DC vs NYC?
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I'm curious to hear about health policy too.. most of what I've seen out there has been more epi-oritented. Is Columbia known for a strong health policy program? How does it compare to Yale, Emory, or BU?
I'm not sure either Hopkins or Columbia are especially known for strong degree programs in health policy. Hopkins does have extremely strong links to health policy in the sense that their professors are so well accomplished that they are invited to give input on major national policy - in multiple cases, literally invited to the White House and/or testifying before congress on issues from HIV (the US national HIV/AIDS strategy) to gun violence to bullying. Not quite the same as linking students to be involved in that process, though.

The school that I have seen publishing a lot in Health Policy, and I've heard is really outstanding, is NYU (the Wagner school), though I haven't yet worked with them directly. Try browsing through the journal Health Affairs, checking out some topics of interest, and see which school is working on them.
There's options for health policy in public policy and political science departments, as well. So don't keep your choices narrowed to just public health schools.