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Dec 18, 2005
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I seem to be jumping back and forth. Like most new Mac users, I started using Safari, but became annoyed with its incompatibility with gmail and google calendar (which they claim to have fixed, but I still have issues). Their tab browsing seems inconsistent as well. I love Firefox's extension capabilities, but it's very slow. The Bon Echo build is solid but very unstable. The browser I seemed to have settled on is Camino. It's fast and stable, although with limited functionality. The only issue I have with it is playing embedded .wmv video (Safari is much better in this regard)

Anyone have any thoughts?

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I use Firefox (build, no stability issues). I've tried Safari, Camino, Netscape, Opera, and even the now-defunct MSIE. Safari crashed all the time. Netscape just felt old. Opera was too weird. Firefox has the best combination of features, speed, and compatibility for me. Camino is easy on the eyes, although not nearly as feature-rich.
I've settled on Camino. I despised some of the compatibility issues I ran into while using Safari. :mad:
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I've had much more luck with the Bon Echo build of Firefox than I ever had with Camino. Camino was faster, but it crashed on me about once a week. Bon Echo isn't that much slower, and crashes maybe once a month.
What do people think of Safari for Windows? Seems ok to me, am I missing something?
Safari is best if it works for you. Firefox is good too. Just make sure you have Flip4Mac and all of the other extensions like flash and shockwave at the latest version. Repairing permissions couldn't hurt.

As for Safari on Windows, it seems to have a few security issues at the moment. I'd wait a bit before using it.