Best PDA resources for an Internal Medicine intern?

Discussion in 'Internal Medicine and IM Subspecialties' started by bonovox, Jun 3, 2008.

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    I have an iPaq (Pocket PC). So far, I have epocatres and archimedes on it. I plan on carrying Pocket Medicine and maybe the Sanford antimicrobial guide in my pocket. WHat else would be useful to have on my PDA? Perhaps a PDA version of Washington Manual? Something for ICU and CCU months?
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    Check with your program about what online resourses you have. I tend to use Accessmedicine, UpToDate, and Micromedex more than anything I carry in my pocket. But what I do carry is pretty much what you've listed, Sanford, archimedes on my phone, pharmocopia, and then I have a copy of Oakes' Clinical Practitioners Pocket Guide to Respiratory Care which I pulled apart and only kept the stuff which I liked the best in (I use the pulm equations a bit since I like pulm) and then I cut up my old Sanford for the bug coverage table for antibiotics and have just built on it from there of most common stuff I use (pressers, pac tracings, some definitions, pager numbers, etc)

    But my personal opinion anymore is that the online resources far out-do anything I can currently carry in my pocket.

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