Jan 10, 2015
Approx 4-5 days left until I take the MCAT because I plan to use the last day before to completely relax.

As for the remaining 4 days, what should I do to review?
Out of everything, my weaknesses are pure physics and CARS. CARS there's really nothing to do at this point while there's a fair chance that my physics weakness can partially be masked by a biochem heavy C/P.

How should I prepare during the 4 days?

Options: (please tell me the numbers of which ones I should do)
1) Review the AAMC FL (again)
2) Khan practice (mention which of KA sections are most representative)
3) Review/re-do CARS question packs
4) Do EK101 Verbal
5) Review Official Guide questions (again)
6) content review binge
7) Other, comment below


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Mar 29, 2013
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Exclusively AAMC material at this point is often recommended.

But most importantly try to relax. You shouldn't be really learning anything new.