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Discussion in 'PCAT Discussions' started by cschellh, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. cschellh

    cschellh Accepted Pharmacy Student
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    Jul 24, 2008
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    I was j/w if there is anyone that could give me some advice.

    I'll be taking my pcat in june/aug of this year.. and i have a few books already to prep for the pcat (such as cliffs, kaplan 07, and gre words)

    For anyone that got an 80+ on their pcat, could you enlighten me and tell me what you used to prepare for it??? also, if you could let me know your score, and if you re-took it, what you had before and after, and what you had changed.

    thank you!!!!
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  2. umiami09

    2+ Year Member

    Jan 4, 2009
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    This is my first time using this site so please excuse me if I mess this up somehow... lol

    I took the PCAT back in June of 08 and scored a 93 composite. You are smart for taking it in the summer because I feel like I had an advantage as far as studying being that I didn't have any classes or other obligations to attend to. I should start out by saying that I am an extremely good test taker, but regardless, the PCAT was surprisingly very very easy from what I was expecting. So don't stress out!

    I bought the Kaplan book and basically read it cover to cover and then about a week before the test I went back and went over the sections I felt were important. IMO the reading, verbal, writing, etc sections aren't that important to memorize because they are similar to any standardized tests and there isn't much you can do to prepare.

    The science sections are pretty basic, if you are a science major to begin with, and I found them to be pretty easy if you go over the material in Kaplan.

    The MATH (Quantitative) on the other hand... lol I found to be very TIME CONSUMING so remember to work fast. I took my time bc the other sections went fast and I ended up guessing A LOT. Kaplan goes over a lot of statistics (bell shaped curve) probability and basic calculus so remember to know that and you should be fine.

    I never took the exam again because I had a busy semester scheduled and I didn't have time to study so I just made do with what I had, but if you buy a good study guide and have a solid science background to begin with I'm sure you will be fine.

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