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May 6, 2002
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For whoever submitted Additional Score Reports, I suggest that you call to confirm that the schools have received your MCAT scores. Do not just rely on the web site's status update.

Case in point:

I faxed my ASR in June. According to AAMC's web site, they received my ASR on June 26 and processed it on June 28.

I called Columbia in mid-July to see if they received my scores. They did not. I e-mailed AAMC about this and, lo and behold, my credit card is charged the fee for the ASR's on July 23. AAMC says there was an unknown processing error, and they have now sent the scores.

I called Columbia today, expecting confirmation of score receipt. They have not yet received the score, I am informed. So I call AAMC, and the girl lets me know that I'm "the third person who applied to both Columbia and NYU that has complained neither school has received the scores." She then proceeds to ask me for their phone numbers, so she can contact them! WTF?!



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Jun 14, 2002
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WHAT??? I'm gonna call Columbia right now!!

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