Big Blue and Big Red (plus Audio Blue) for SALE

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May 6, 2008
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I have been meaning to get rid of my Big Blue (for written Anesthesia boards) and Big Red (for oral Anesthesia boards) written by Niels Jensen for a couple of years now. There are three Big Blue binders worth of material and an even bigger single binder for Big Red (happy to provide proof of ownership, just PM me). It was VERY expensive to obtain new in 2017 and I am happy to get rid of it for a negotiable price. The materials are all in excellent shape, minus some highlighting.

These materials are fantastic and got me through boards easily. I came out of a residency program that was great clinically but not the best academically due to extreme work loads, so I relied on these materials and they did not disappoint. A photo of Big Red is attached.

Please feel free to PM me if you're interested. Thanks!

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The books are garbage. Use them to keep the doors propped open.
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Is this an important book to have ? I feel like maybe back in the day?
It was THE study tool to have back in the day. It has now been surpassed by many other study tools.
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Wow. I just went to Jensen website. It’s like a flashback in time. “Back in my day”. Doesn’t look like the website has change in almost 2 decades. More power to him if he’s still doing the board prep. He and Ho should be long retired by now since they were the written and oral prep courses.

Unless they got expensive hobbies or expensive divorces. Or maybe they hire guys to do the work for them.