Biggest Issues in Public Health?

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Haley Viola

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Sep 14, 2015
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What do you believe are the biggest issues in public health? There are a lot of issues that appear over and over that everyone one knows about (like obesity) but what do you think are some of the most understated important un issues. What are some of the biggest gaps in public awareness ? I'm asking these questions to get an idea of some issues to investigate for a Public Health class. Any response is really helpful so if you've been dying to rant about an issue now is your chance!

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Planned Parenthood supposedly selling parts of fetuses that were aborted
Fluoride good or bad for you
Public breastfeeding
There's a first/new case of the plague in Michigan. Recent cases were mainly in Colorado but it has spread. The person with it has had a recent trip to Colorado.
How government paternalism is responsible for driving costs through the stratosphere, lowering the quality of services, making the medical profession miserable, and altogether destroying innovation.
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The only thing the public is aware of is breast cancer. Everybody dies of breast cancer. Everyone. Everything outside of that as far as the general public is concerned is a gap in your options are pretty much wide open.
Personally I'd like to see a study focusing on the potential of studying something besides the 432nd gene that may improve outcomes in breast cancer and add another 3 days onto the life of a breast cancer patient and focus that money on something like lung cancer that has never killed anyone.