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  1. pikachu8923

    Clinical Experience + Public Health Research - PreMed

    Hello; I'm trying to figure out what qualifies as clinical experience/particularly if my current job qualifies as clinical experience. I'm currently working as a research assistant at a school of public health where we are doing in person surveys with People Who Use Drugs, asking questions...
  2. A

    Gender diverse patient care: survey for US IM residents

    Hello folks! I'm an MPH student and applicant for the IM match this year. I need some input from IM residents in the US on the training that they have received on the topic of gender-diverse patient care for a course project/my final thesis. I've linked the survey here - it shouldn't take more...
  3. A

    2021 Doctoral Public Health (PhD, DrPH, ScD): Applied, Accepted, Waitlisted, Rejected!

    Hi Everyone! I have not yet seen a thread to discuss Doctoral Public Health (PhD, DrPH, ScD) programs. I remember how much the "MPH: Applied, Accepted, Waitlisted, Rejected" thread helped me and so I thought having one for those applying to doctoral programs could also be super beneficial...
  4. A

    MPH MPH in Health Policy

    Hello all, I’m an international student majored in Health Administration , and I want to pursue a graduate degree in Health Policy program in the USA. I have looked through many different Public Health schools, but l’m wondering which one is the best for Health Policy. If you have any idea ...
  5. C

    Is it Possible to Enter a PhD in Epidemiology without a Master's?

    Hi everyone! I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in biology, and looking to get a graduate degree in Epidemiology. Just from doing some preliminary research, it seems like most PhD in Epidemiology programs require you to have a Master's. However, with the high cost of Master's...
  6. D

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  7. A

    CDC Epidemiology Elective Program (EIS elective)

    Hi all, I am a current MS3 planning to apply to the CDC Epidemiology Elective Program for 4th-year medical students (Epidemiology Elective Program Homepage | CDC). I was wondering if anyone has experience applying to or participating in this program? I'm particularly interested in 1) acceptance...
  8. MBMIL_YF2016

    2021 PHAP (CDC's Public Health Associate Program)

    Hello, My name is Lupe. This is my second year time applying for the PHAP program offered by the CDC. I was accepted the first time, but unfortunately had to decline. However, I am anticipating a second acceptance which I will take. I am posting this thread because I did not see any for the...
  9. M

    Preventative and Occupational Medicine

    Hello. I am a current medical student interested in learning more about the fields of Preventative Medicine and Occupational Medicine. Is there are current prev/occ med doc or resident that wouldn't mind answering some questions about their career and residency?
  10. Rami Anadani

    MD and BS in health sciences?

    I'm a med student and I want to purse a second degree in health sciences/public health. It's a 4-year degree too. How would this benefit me? Does it open new opportunities for me in the future as a doctor? What are some possible ways to find a position where I can use both of my degrees? Thanks.
  11. myxiao

    MPH Is a JD/MPH worth it?

    I know this isn't a medical school topic, but I need some advice. I'm an undergrad at Rice University in Houston, TX. My goal is pretty specific; I want to do fieldwork in epidemiology for a number of years (infectious disease epi...like what EIP does) and then enter global health policy (WHO)...
  12. P

    2020 PHAP (CDC's Public Health Associate Program)

    First post. Is anyone else on planning to apply for the 2020 PHAP cycle? If anyone has gone through the application process, any advice is welcomed.
  13. F

    Applying to PhD programs during my first year of a MPH/MHS/MS degree?

    Hi Guys! I've been admitted to a couple of MPH or similar masters programs and will most likely attend Johns Hopkins' 9 month MHS in Health Economics & Outcomes Research program in the Fall of 2020. My end goal is to pursue a PhD in health policy & management and I'm specifically interested in...
  14. J

    Anyone willing to help me on my Statement of Purpose?

    Hello, I am applying currently applying to MHA programs this cycle. I finished my SOP but I feel like it could be much better. If there is anyone out there who would at least give it a read and tell me what I should fix, that would amazing. I would even pay to get help. So if anyone is so kind...
  15. M

    2020 MHA: Applied, Interviewed, Rejected, Attending

    Just because I did not see one yet :) Good luck to everyone applying this cycle! School: GPA: Cumulative and Major GRE: Major: Experience (professional or otherwise) Special Factors: Applied: Interview: Waitlist: Rejected: Accepted: Attending:
  16. E


  17. D

    Biomedical and Community Health Research

    I am currently pursuing a MSPH in Tropical Medicine and I am trying to figure out my next moves for after I graduate. I enjoy conducting Microbio & Immuno bench research but recently I have felt very drawn to community health research focused on health disparities and determinants of health...
  18. C

    [Advice] Getting Cold Feet About Medical School Because Of Public Health Interests, Any Input?

    I have been accepted into medical schools (in NC, Va, and NY) which I was very excited about. However, at the same time, over the past year or so I have been accumulating an increasing interest in public health and epidemiology. I've worked as a scribe and MA for 3-4 years, have done wet lab...
  19. M

    Is Public Health What I Am Looking For?

    Hello all, I am trying to get my life together and figure out what kind of program I want to apply to. Some background, I am currently in my junior year of college studying psychology and I plan on getting a PhD/ pursuing a research focused career. I originally planned on going to medical...
  20. S

    Your experience with these MPH/MHA programs

    Hello, So it is almost time to finalize and commit to a program for the fall and I wanted some insights on your experience with the following schools: UIC - MHA Rutgers (New Brunswick) - MPH Drexel - MPH NYU - MPA Cornell - MHA Out of these programs, what was your experience through the...
  21. N

    CSTE Fellowship

    Does anyone know about the interview process for CDC/CSTE applied epi fellowship? Trying to find info, but they did not give much to go on and just want to prepare as well as possible.
  22. T

    General 2019 PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program Applications

    Old post
  23. K

    Graduating MPH Student 2019

    Hi Everyone! Is anyone graduating this year from the MPH program? I'm interested to know what sort of career routes you guys plan on going to. Any positions or career moves you're looking to apply for? Any organizations?
  24. NorthernMEd

    NHSC Students to Service

    Wondering if anyone from past years know when they usually inform applicants if they received this or not? Or has anyone who has applied heard anything yet. My application just says in review. I know it says on the website that they will tell you by February 28th at the latest but hoping to hear...
  25. G

    Masters in Public Health or Post Bacc Program??

    So I am deciding what I should do for after I graduate my undergrad. I am getting my bachelors in biology but my overall GPA would be a 2.7. I was thinking that maybe if I did a masters program such as Public health it would be a good change and also give me a separate GPA. So far I have applied...
  26. maciemishelle

    2019 PHAP (CDC's Public Health Associate Program)

    Hey everyone! First post on here. Is anyone else on here planning to apply for the 2019 PHAP cycle? I have been looking forward to applying to this program since I first discovered it about a month or two ago, but there is still no information posted on the site for when the application opens...
  27. W

    GPA and personal well being

    *from a stressed out second year who just finished a frustrating exam* Feel free to respond to this in any direction you choose. I’m honestly just looking for an affinity group here. To those who are entering the realm of epidemiology and public health, can you speak to the value of...
  28. G


  29. D

    Want to make a difference: Translational Research (MD/PhD) or Public Health (MD)?

    Hi all, I hugely appreciate this forum and the questions and answers posted here every day. I'm hoping that some of you with experience in the fields that am most passionate in can offer me some guidance. Thanks in advance. I have three more semesters of undergrad before I graduate...
  30. M

    What Field am I Looking For?

    Hey everyone!!! I am a college junior studying biopsychology and I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Up until recently I have been planning on going to medical school but decided that I actually want to go into research instead. I have done really well in my research...
  31. sushi18

    Thinking of doing 2 public health labs... am I crazy?

    As the title says, I'm considering working in 2 public health labs with pretty similar topical areas. I know in general this is ill-advised, but what's killing me is that Lab A has a project that I'm really interested in, whereas Lab B has a project that I am not as crazy about but potentially...
  32. L

    Any Johns Hopkins DrPH applicants?

    Hello, I am very new to this forum and am a little unsure as to how it works but I wanted to see if I could get some insight on the DrPH program at Johns Hopkins. I am incredibly interested in this school because of their concentration offered (public health informatics) and I found the perfect...
  33. M

    Is public health for me?

    Hey everyone! I need advice. I’m currently a pre med student about to start my junior year of college, but now I’m not so sure I want to become a doctor. I’m interested in disease, but I think I am better suited for research than clinical work. I am studying biological psychology in school and...
  34. B

    Which MPH programs should I be considering for policy and management?

    Hi all, long time lurker, I am trying to narrow down which programs I will apply to. As the title indicates, I am interested and in policy admin and career wise i'm open to consulting, hospital admin, pharmaceutical companies, or policy work overall as the top of the list. Schools I am already...
  35. sushi18

    Pros/Cons of MD in the Public Health field?

    Hi there, I am a non-traditional pre-med conflicted as to whether or not to pursue an MD. I have always been interested in public health, and want to devote my career to improving the lives of disadvantaged populations. Perhaps I want to have my cake and eat it too, but my dream is to be doing...
  36. Badgers2

    Army How do you become a Public Health Dentist (63H)?

    Since Public Health Dentist is a designated MOS on the Army's website, I figured that they would have their own dental public health residency program. However, I haven't been able to find anything on it or what qualifications you need to be considered a 63H. If anyone has any insight on the...
  37. J

    To Med School or Not To Med School - A Crossroad in My Career Choice

    My name is Jorge and I am a rising sophomore at Rutgers University - New Brunswick pursuing a degree in Economics with a minor in Public Health, potentially a double major, while on the Pre-Med track. I am very passionate about the access and quality of healthcare/medicine in the United States...
  38. F

    GRE and MPH Applications

    Hello, I was hoping people would provide me with some info about what the level of GRE scores is good enough to get into top public health schools? I know all the schools say they weigh all parts of the application (and I do think I have a pretty strong app besides GRE scores, in the low/mid...
  39. F

    Recommendations for MPH application

    I am interested in applying for MPH graduate school for Fall 2019. A lot of the applications are due by December 2018 though. I would like to get letters of recommendations from my current boss/supervisor. However, I am nervous about approaching him to ask for it because then they will know I am...