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Bio, Arrange the following in order of...?


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Mar 7, 2008
  1. Pre-Dental
To Zuma35, Sub and others:
what is your take for these questions:

.51. Arrange the following prebiotic chemicals in chronological order:.
.Protobionts; methane, ammonia, water, hydrogen gases, short polypeptide chains, simple sugars, nucleotides; Inorganic molecule...
My answer would be:

.Protobionts are precursor to prokaryotic cells, so they are a mass of organic material enclosed by a membrane like material, so they would be at the extreme end of the list..
.1... Inorganic molecule 2. Methane, Ammonia, water 3. simple sugars, short nucleotides polypeptide chains 4. protobionts..

5. An investigator isolates small particles from cancer cells and places these particles into an equal mixture of radioactive proteins and amino acids. The amount of radioactive
proteins (dotted line) and amino acids (solid line) is then measured over time (graph).
Based on the data, what are the particles?

A. Ribosomes
B. Lipid vacuoles
C. Lysosomes
D. Food vacuoles
E. Mitochondria

15. Which of the following is not a known function of any hormone?
A. Affects membrane transport of substances
B. Regulates water balance in the body
C. Changes the amount of activity of enzymes
D. Promotes transcription of messenger RNA
E. Acts as a source of energy

I have picked E. but again, i am not sure about it.

18. The stimulation of parasympathetic nerves would produce

A. an increase in peristaltic activity.
B. an increase in perspiration.
C. a decrease in salivary gland activity.
D. an increase in blood pressure.
. 28. Mendel’s law of segregation reflects the fact that

A. linkage never occurs in peas.
B. alleles segregate differently in males and females.
C. each member of an allelic pair of genes enters a separate cell during meiosis.
D. during the course of development, DNA becomes segregated in the nucleus, RNA in the cytoplasm.

29. what happens when you take an embryonic cell and rotate it 180 degrees?


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