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Holy Macaroni
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Apr 12, 2003
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Would taking ecology, cell bio, genetics, embryo, and an english class in one semester be too much to much bio for 1 semester?
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Dec 1, 2003
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Well I am going to be in the smae boat next semester, I will be taking Physics, Ecology, MicroBio, Cell Physiology and a Religion Courses. All 4 sciences with labs that are 3 hrs long. I have already made up the schedule and it acutally looks like a pretty easy going schedule. Classes have enough time apart from each other and on two of the days of the week I will only have 2 classes. So I hope i will have enough study time. Right now I am taking 3 sciences with all labs and I am doing all A's. Its really! tough but doable. Good luck


Going broke and loving it
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Mar 31, 2001
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I would stray away from that schedule. Even though you pick classes and they show up on your schedule in a really nice and managable way, you still have no idea how the professor/lab instructors will teach the courses.

Unless there is some time factor motivating your decision, such as graduating on time, then I would say split it up. Its certainly possible, but do you really want to risk having work, especially lab work pile up halfway through the quarter/semester?

Additional, do the classes complement each other or not. For instance, I am currently taking Microbiology, and Infectious Diseases. Both go hand in hand, it works great! But if you have a diverse quarter, it'll be a bit harder to allocate time. A year or two ago, i took clinical gross anatomy (7 qtr units!), Phyiscal Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and prepared for the MCAT. Well the MCAT course benefit for this schedule greatly, but man PChem, Anatomy and Molecular Bio (at last that class) didn't all mix together too well...hehe.

Spent 5 days in anatomy lecture, and an additional 8hrs in anatomy lab. It was gruesome, I survived, but really, since I know I can ramp up my study capacity, I don't think i'll do it again unless I have too. I find it far more effective enjoying ones life before you go to med school, as well as diversifying ones knowledge by taking courses other than biological sciences.
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