Biology Major, wanting to go to PA school...question about undergrad major

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Sep 30, 2012
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Hi there. I'm currently a freshman biology major, and aspire to become a Physician Assistant. I've been doing a lot of research, and have come across things such as the pre-reqs required for PA school as well as the healthcare experience. I also started thinking that maybe I should switch to a BSN rather than my B.S. in biology track I'm on right now. My reasoning behind this is because I would be able to gain healthcare experience as a RN after undergrad if I am unable to gain enough experience during my time in school. Also, with the biology degree, the only careers I would be able to get are in research and lab work, which doesn't interest me at all. I would be fine with doing the work of a RN, since I do enjoy helping others and being in a healthcare setting. So I was just wondering, what would you guys say? Should I continue on my path of pursuing the B.S. in biology while completing pre-reqs and gaining HCE in other ways (CNA, EMT, etc.), then going into PA school? Or should I consider switching to a BSN and completing pre-reqs? I'm torn between what I should pursue as an undergrad major at this point, but I do know my ultimate goal is to get into a PA program.

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I would do the BSN degree... You will gain the HCE with that degree, and it will open door for both NP/PA... It will probably give a bigger boost to your application than CNA or EMT in term of HCE.
Thank you! Thats what I'm thinking I'll do then.