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Sep 9, 2002
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Do you plan on attending AZCOM for your D.O.?

I have a couple years still before med school and I'm considering applying for their biomed program. I'm wondering if completing that program at AZCOM will help my chances at getting accepted there.

Thanks for your reply.
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Aug 28, 2002
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I think that it would increase your chances. As with anything, if you get to know the people there, it is easier in the admissions process. They can't really say that though because people start to assume that it means they are "automatically in." It is a great school too! Not that I have been there that long, but I am really impressed with the school so far....


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Jun 12, 2002
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There are at least 2 people in my class (AZCOM2005) who did the Bachelor's biomed program. There's at least one in the 2006 program. I see lots of folks who we knew from the Master's program last year in the 2006 class this year. Form what I hear from my friends who were in it, you learn A LOT of stuff that helps in class. One of my friends sailed through immuno because of it. I also agree that it gets you in these people's faces and so they are more likely to let you in because they know you and know your capabilities first hand.

I do know of at least one Master's person who did not make it in, though.

It is a great school.

Just some thoughts. Good luck.
AZCOM 2005
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