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Jun 22, 2008
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FALCON VS Boards Boot Camp vs North Western Vs KAPLAN

Please, please: those who took either of this courses, need your feed back

1. which one have a better review books
a. for COMLEX step 1
b. for USMLE step 1
2. which one is better to choose for


3. Which one do you recomend:
a. study high-yield review books by yourself
b. take this course/s

What about time..I engaged on taking the course but you will not have enough time to study by your own..that means, you must depend on the lecture/course you taking ..could that be enough to do well?

4. I read Falcon.add..said~100%..can you comment on this..if you took their course before
5. How about Board boot camp for COMLEX..? their review books/lecture..e.t.c compared to others..

It is too much questions but please me a feavour on these.

Thank you very very much
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