Board Simulator Series- helpful?


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Feb 22, 2003
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    I think the BBS is the best, most comprehensive and detailed step 1 review. If you have time and stamina you should do them twice learning the explanations.
    I just wish there was a similar review for step 2 :mad: I'm using Swanson's, and Brochert's Platinum Vignettes, but don't feel as prepared as for step 1. Good Luck!


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    Apr 21, 2003
    1. Attending Physician
      tough, tough, tough...classic Goljan questions (I see a few repeats on Pathology tests every once in a while).

      I would be a little wary of the dated quality of these questions (pub. 1997) but the science is still good. Some of the really new science may not be up-to-date. Overall, the hardest, most comprehensive review available. A great interface also.

      btw, the book questions and the CD questions are identical.
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