Jul 28, 2009
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So I'm kind of disappointed in my step 1 score. I got a 202. My question is. If I have real interest in the field and I show it, will I have a difficult time matching? Also, are there any specific programs or regions that are considered easier to get into? Just as a back up plan in case I don't match to my first choice?

Thanks! Any advice is appreciated, especially from those who have already matched or have been through it before.

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Mar 6, 2002
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The best situation is if you are a

native english speaker
US med student
good clinical grades

Has the best data out there

In that case, among US seniors with Step 1 200-210, 151 matched and 9 did not. Pretty good odds.

In general, stay away from the coasts is you want less competitive programs. Definitely take advantage of the opportunity at your home program where you will be a known quantity.
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