Boards next spring do I need to take the COMLEX and the USMLE or just the COMLEX

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Sep 26, 2008
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I heard from some Airforce HPSP student that they have to take the COMPLEX and USMLE. As a student at a DO school am I obligated to take both for the Army HPSP program or only one?

Also How many ADT rotations do I have to do with the Army. I thought it was only 2 but now I'm hearing a few people in my class say I have to do three

Thanks for the input

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It depends on the residency that you want. If you go into MODS and check the slideshow about GME, some residencies list the average/min USMLE and COMLEX scores, others just list USMLE.

You could always call/email the director of the program that you're interested in and ask them what they prefer. My uncle is an AF doc and he told me to do that when I asked him about it.

To my, albeit limited, understanding, you don't HAVE to take the USMLE. Unless you want a residency that requires a USMLE score.

So the answer to your question is maybe.
Hope that helps.
Just take the COMLEX. Unless you are applying for Neurosurgery (or maybe Ortho and ENT), you should not need to take the USMLE as an Army osteopathic medical student.

As a four-year HPSP recipient, you have 4 ADTs to use. Most people use one for OBLC, one as 'school orders' after second year (to study for boards), and the other two for audition rotations early in fourth year. And, yes, you can use both your third and fourth year ADTs in fourth year (even in the same DoD fiscal year).
Ok so it's that time of the year again to sign up for boards. I have been told many times to just take the COMLEX for Army residencies. I want to go into ortho. I have heard for ortho that it's highly recommended to take the USMLE too. Last years selection results didn't have a COMLEX score listed as only USMLE scores were listed. I want to keep as many doors open as possible. I have also heard to just take step II of the USMLE after I talk to programs after rotating there. The only issue is that it's another ~$500 to take the USMLE and I don't have that money right now to pay for it. Should I take the USMLE or just wait and see how I'm doing on practice exams before registering for it? I did some research on this and I keep seeing differing opinions on it. Thanks